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Ignite your equity story with ​Gateway.

We help our clients turn their vision into a clear strategic investment case. By crafting compelling equity stories, we connect the dots for investors to maximize our clients’ valuation – whether for private funding, going public, or various other corporate scenarios.  

Gateway will work with your company to learn its unique history and take that information to refine your investor materials and shape your public narrative in the most impactful way, enabling your business to establish a credible presence in front of key stakeholders.

Services include:

Equity Story Advisory

We don’t just plug you into a formula, we run a bespoke program tailored to your company’s specific goals to help drive your desired outcome. Contact us today to learn more about how our equity story advisory team can position your business to achieve its maximum potential.

Investor Relations

For over 25 years, Gateway has provided expert counsel and Investor Relations services to leading mid and small cap issuers across nearly every major industry and geography.

Public Relations

Public Relations and Digital Marketing that put your brand on the map.

Branding & Creative

Gateway’s in-house creative agency provides web design, branding services, and more.

IPO and SPAC Advisory

Comprehensive capital markets navigation for IPOs and SPACs.

Transaction Communications

Take control of the narrative.

Crisis Communications

When crisis hits, you need a plan and team you can trust.

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