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Walk the Talk – Since 1999

Gateway’s founder and president experienced investor relations providers firsthand when he was running his own hedge fund. He was shocked at how little these firms knew about their clients. Often bypassing them and going straight to company management, he didn’t just find unique investment ideas, he found CEOs and CFOs that needed advice on how to navigate communicating as a public company and have their voices heard. This was the lightbulb moment he needed to start Gateway.

Our firm was founded on the simple principles that hard work to gain the knowledge of our client base and empathy for the hurdles they were trying to overcome would form the basis of a communications firm unlike any other.

While Gateway has added complementary services beyond investor relations since the formative years, our goal to be a true partner to our clients has remained unchanged. In fact, our culture of hard work and empathy has allowed Gateway to be the preeminent firm for comprehensive communications services for companies large and small.

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